From Class War To Cold War

Post WWII, the USSR and the USA famously engaged in the Cold War, in which they both amassed nuclear stockpiles and weapons; one doing so out of self defense, and one to blow the world up multiple times over for the fear of communism spreading. Siegelbaum describes the typical definition of the Cold War, which […]

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The Man of The Proletariat

In Konstantin Fedin’s “The Living Lenin,” he tells a tale of his witness to Lenin after having received wounds from a political assassination attempt by a member of the Socialist Revolutionaries, and in it, he tells us how Lenin was not only prominent by his work, but his stature, composure, speech, and his bodily culmination […]

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Socialist Realism

One of the tasks of the new Bolshevik government was not just curbing and crushing the culture and attitudes of old, but molding them into something new; a new national culture bred by Bolshevism. While we know that this project was abandoned by Stalin, along with the destruction of the capitalist state-machinery and creating socialist […]

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Realism in Russia

Vasily Polenov, one of the members of the Peredvizhniki, produced many artworks that gained him the credibility of often being “one of the best Russian landscape painters.” One thing that particularly stands out about Polenov is that while he may have produced a large amount of works about Russia itself, he also produced many based […]

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